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14th December 2022

Aurora Technology Acquisition Corp. and DIH Technology Ltd. Announce Letter of Intent for a Business Combination

San Francisco, Calif. and Norwell, Mass, December 12, 2022 – Aurora Technology Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: ATAK) (“ATAK”), a publicly-traded special purpose acquisition company (“SPAC”) and DIH Technology Ltd. (“DIH”), a leading global robotics and virtual reality (“VR”) technology provider in the rehabilitation and human performance industry, today announced the signing of a non-binding Letter of Intent (“LOI”) for a potential business combination.

Under the terms of the LOI, ATAK and DIH would become a combined entity, with DIH’s shareholders rolling 100% of their equity into the combined public company. ATAK and DIH expect to announce additional details regarding the business combination when a definitive agreement is executed, which is expected before January 31, 2023.

As a global leader in the development and marketing of robotics for rehabilitation and virtual reality-based interactive movement platform for advanced evaluations in human performance. DIH owns industry-leading brands like HOCOMA and Motek, with more than 4,500 robots & advanced VR-based movement systems installed in 70 countries. DIH’s principal customers include advanced research centers, innovative rehabilitation hospitals, and top healthcare clinics.

“We are very impressed by both the entrepreneurial spirit driving ATAK’s management team as well as its diverse and well-respected board members and advisors. We believe the combination with ATAK will facilitate our launch as a public company with strong corporate governance, expand our capital market expertise, and enhance our strategic investment capabilities, including M&A. These all are critical to DIH’s growth strategy as a transformative and innovative total solution provider and consolidator in the highly fragmented rehabilitation technology industry.” said Jason Chen, CEO and Chairman of DIH’s board of directors.

Zachary Wang, CEO and Chairman of ATAK’s board of directors, commented, “DIH fits our acquisition target profile well as a multi-national smart technology provider in the human rehabilitation and performance industry. Founded by Asian-American entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience managing global healthcare operations, the company has a strong tenured management team. We see DIH as an exciting opportunity for growth, with its proprietary technology, scalable business model, and experienced leadership team positioning it to expand its global market share and continue to drive innovations that lead the industry in benefiting patients. We believe that the merger and access to public markets will enable the company to continue to scale its global platform and deliver on its growth potential.”

About Aurora Technology Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: ATAK)

Aurora Technology Acquisition Corp. is a Cayman Islands-exempted , San Franciscobased, special purpose acquisition corporation. ATAK’s securities are listed on NASDAQ, with $202M cash in trust raised through its IPO. As a blank check company, ATAK was formed with the purpose of entering into a merger with a high-growth technology company, which preferably is founded by Asian or Asian-American entrepreneurs who are building a global enterprise supported by forward-thinking visions and innovative frontier technologies. ATAK seeks to identify compelling
opportunities where an alignment of its operating expertise, investing experience, and a global network can accelerate the growth of the company for multi-national expansion.

ATAK web-site: https://www.auroraspac.com/

Zachary Wang
CEO & Chairman of the Board

About DIH Technology, Ltd.

DIH stands for the vision to “Deliver Inspiration & Health” to improve the functioning of millions of people with disability & functional impairments. DIH is a global solution
provider in blending innovative robotic and VR technologies with clinical integration and insights. Built through the mergers of global-leading niche technologies providers like HOCOMA- a Switzerland-based global leader in robotics for rehab, and MOTEK- a Netherlands-based global leader in sophisticated VR-enabled movement platform powered by real-time integration, DIH is positioning itself as a transformative total smart solutions provider and consolidator in a largely fragmented and manual-labor-driven industry.

DIH website: https://www.dih.com/

Jason Chen
CEO & Chairman of the Board