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30th January 2023

MDR compliance established – Ready for the future

ZURICH, January 30, 2023 – DIH, the leading global robotics and virtual reality (VR) technology provider, announced today that its medical device manufacturer company Hocoma AG has successfully established compliance with Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 as one of the first medical device companies in the rehabilitation robot industry.

“This unprecedented milestone allows us to secure continued market access to the European Union and other countries relying on the European system for medical device certification as a crucial element for our growth strategy.”, says Jason Chen, CEO and Chairman of DIH.

Hocoma, historically known for its technology leadership within the rehabilitation industry, has now additionally proven its pioneering and leadership position on the level of regulatory compliance and as a global medical device company as such.

The demand for rehabilitation robotics is expected to grow substantially over the coming years, due to continuing innovations, the changing landscape of the health industry, and increasing patient needs. DIH is striving to provide cutting-edge solutions for the Hospital, Clinic and Research rehabilitation markets, and, with MDR compliance being established, is committed to bringing to market the world’s most advanced rehabilitation solutions and innovations to further support rehab care.

About DIH

DIH stands for the vision to “Deliver Inspiration & Health” to improve the functioning of millions of people with disability & functional impairments. DIH is a global solution provider in blending innovative robotic and VR technologies with clinical integration and insights. Built through the mergers of global-leading niche technologies providers like HOCOMA- a Switzerland-based global leader in robotics for rehab, and MOTEK- a Netherlands-based global leader in sophisticated VR-enabled movement platform powered by real-time integration, DIH is positioning itself as a transformative total smart solutions provider and consolidator in a largely fragmented and manual-labor-driven industry.

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