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1st July 2014

Merger in the Rehabilitation Devices Market

Motek Medical and ForceLink, both specialists in medical devices for the international rehabilitation market, will join forces and merge on the first of July 2014 under the name of Motekforce Link. International headquarters will be in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Motek Medical is currently a leading force in developing clinical products for the medical and research market, using various rehabilitation technologies. Its expertise lies in system integration and real-time feedback on human performance using interactive and dynamic Virtual Reality systems.

ForceLink is a key-player in producing instrumented treadmills with integrated movement platforms and augmented reality. Their products are used for sports and research on human locomotion and the clinical rehabilitation market.

Barry Hes, CEO of the new company, says: “by combining our knowledge and expertise on both hardware and software we will be able to take the next step in rehabilitation technology, offering clinically relevant solutions for a large range of patient populations.”